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Harness the power of social media in finding a job! This will assist you in creating a new LinkedIn profile or strengthening your current one.

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One of the benefits of joining the U.S.VETS Career Network is access to practical, up-to-date trainings that will help you obtain a new job and succeed in it long-term. Veterans in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas can take advantage of a variety of informative programs.

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VITA (Virtual Interactive Training Agent)

Through U.S.VETS Career Network, L.A. area veterans can access VITA, a virtual reality job interview practice system.

VITA allows veterans to practice their job-interview skills in a VR environment before they go on actual interviews.

Veterans who have used VITA say it helps them give better answers to interview questions and more clearly explain the relevance of their military experience. They also report feeling less anxiety and more confidence in interviews.

VITA was developed by the University of Southern California’s Institute for Creative Technologies in partnership with the Dan Marino Foundation.

Additional Resources

The Call of Duty Endowment helps vets find jobs where they can thrive. U.S.VETS holds the Call of Duty Seal of Distinction for Veteran Job Placement Excellence.

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Bob Hope Patriotic Hall is your one-stop shop for veterans’ service is Los Angeles, all provided in a beautiful and historic setting. Services include:


Veterans who are moving to the Los Angeles area can get a head start on their job search with U.S.VETS Career Network. If you are relocating, please include this on your profile when you register, along with the date you will be moving to the L.A. area. Contact us to learn more about how we work with relocating vets.